Taco's History

Taco, Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI, develops and manufactures hydronic-based components for use in heating and cooling applications across the building spectrum--residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

Its wide range of hydronic and radiant systems and components include pumps, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, flow measurement devices, air separators and valves, and zone control products. It is also one of the best-known brands in the hydronic industry, long associated with continual product innovation and development.

Taco is proud to be an ISO 9001-registered company, producing products at internationally-recognized quality standards.

Key Facts:

  • Established in 1920
  • Continually owned and operated by the same family throughout its history
  • Employs some 500 persons
  • Annual sales in excess of $100 million
  • Manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities in Cranston, RI, Fall River, MA and Ontario, Canada
  • Sells direct to OEM's and to trade professionals in North America through distribution and a network of independent manufacturers' representatives; in Mexico, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Asia sells through a network of authorized sales agents.
  • ISO-9001 Registered

Time Line:

  • Company founded (1920) in Elizabeth, NJ, when Elwood White (grandfather of the current President John Hazen White Jr.) purchased the Thermal Appliance Company (T.A. Co.).
  • Water heater inventor Robert Lincoln Blanding joins Taco, beginning company's tradition of product innovation.
  • Taco moves to Providence, RI (1926)
  • Blanding and White develop a tankless water heater
  • Blanding and White develop the tempering valve
  • Company obtains patent for year-round boiler control


  • The "Taco Heater" becomes a generic name.


  • Elwood White dies (1942). John H. White Sr. (father of the current president) takes control of Taco.
  • During World War II, Taco built gun mounts for Navy warplanes and steel tube heat exchangers for navy warships.
  • Taco awarded two Army-Navy "E Awards" for excellence in manufacturing and reducing costs to US government by 50%.


  • Taco makes the vertical pump with bottle-stopper arrangement commercially practical and acceptable to the market. Pump forms the basis of today's Taco Model 110 Pump.
  • Taco introduces the wet-rotor circulator (the "Perfecta") to the US market after nearly two decades of development.


  • Company produces 1600 line of pumps with innovative cartridge design that simplifies field maintenance and distributor stocking.


  • Taco introduces a major product innovation, the wet-rotor circulator with hollow shaft. Design minimizes interaction between circulator and system water to eliminate iron oxide contamination and greatly extend product life.


  • Company introduces its first line of commercial pumps.
  • Adds second manufacturing facility in Fall River, MA, for fabricated products, including heat exchangers and expansion tanks.


  • Taco undergoes complete reorganization of manufacturing operations for greater quality, productivity and flexibility.
  • Creates Taco Learning Center to improve employee productivity, education and civic awareness.
  • Introduces ESP motorized zone valve, designed for hydronic closed-loop heating systems requiring quiet operation.
  • Introduces Electronic Priority Zoning Circulator that allows the installer to prioritize a residential heating system with a flick of a switch.
  • Acquires Sweet Controls to further expand Taco line of electronic control products.
  • Introduces VorTech Air Separator that prevents air bubbles from corroding working parts and creating unwanted noise in residential heating systems.


  • Taco introduces WAGS Valve (2000).
  • John Hazen White Sr. dies (2001). John Hazen White Jr. becomes President.
  • Introduces line of Radiant System products, including iSeries Mixing Valves, Radiant Mixing Block and Variable Speed "00"® Circulators.
  • Introduces revolutionary LoadMatch® Hydronic Single-Pipe System.