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Green building is an international movement to design, build and operate environmentally responsible buildings. The movement goes by many different names. Call it green building, whole building design, sustainable building, integrated design or any combination of those terms, the goal is the same:

To create buildings that use a minimum of nonrenewable energy, produce a minimum of pollution, and cost fewer energy dollars to operate while improving the health and safety of the people who live and work in them.

By whatever name it's called, Taco, Inc., is committed to an integrated design approach that produces environmentally responsible, more efficient, green buildings and to the development and manufacture of products that help architects, designers, engineers and HVAC professionals accomplish their green building goals.

Green building involves everyone - from manufacturers of building products such as Taco, architects and designers, builders and contractors to building owners and occupants, as well as local, state and Federal lawmakers and regulators.

Likewise, it involves every aspect of a building, from where and how it is sited and the design and materials of the building envelope to every component and mechanical system within the building, particularly systems such as HVAC and electrical systems that have the potential to use energy and resources more effectively.

Taco believes in the principles of integrated design and goals of green building. In order to more effectively support and promote green building, Taco President John Hazen White, Jr. recently made the commitment to green building a part of the company's core mission statement, along with loyalty to employees, customers, vendors and the community.
Taco Green Building
At the same time, he introduced Taco's new marketing and branding initiative - "Taco Green." Taco Green is the company's commitment to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED design and build initiative.

In support of our corporate commitment, we created this website to provide HVAC professionals, designers, engineers, architects, homeowners and consumers with convenient access to a wealth of green building information and resources.

Use this site to learn more about green building and how you and your organization can become involved and put the principles of green building into practice in your projects.

Join with Taco, other manufactures, industry groups, non-profits, academic institutions and governmental bodies throughout the United States and the world in making better buildings, using our planet's resources more wisely, and protecting our environment for today and the future


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