Sales & Marketing

Taco's sales and marketing professionals are often the company's first contact with its customers. Focused, respectively, on commercial product sales and marketing and residential products sales and marketing, they are essential players in developing quality products and new product innovation to Taco's customer base in North America and, by extension, to markets across the globe.

The Residential Sales & Marketing Division, led by Senior Vice President Todd Facey and Senior Vice President, Canada Robert Coons, focuses on the residential/light commercial market and on the plumbers and mechanical contractors who install Taco products. Residential products are sold through an extensive network of more than 3,000 HVAC wholesalers nationwide and in Canada, which then sell direct to plumbers and contractors.

The Residential Sales & Marketing Division also works closely with independent manufacturer representative agencies to maintain inventory stocking and promotion of new products by wholesalers and to coordinate training and educational outreach to the wholesaler/contractor base.

Residential products include circulators and pumps, valves, electronic controls and a wide range of hydronic accessories. Building applications include heating and cooling systems within homes, condos and smaller building structures for various use defined as light commercial.

Residential products are also sold direct to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), like boiler manufacturers, which install the product components on their equipment assemblies.

The Commercial Sales and Marketing Division, led by Senior Vice President Bryan Payne, focuses on the commercial/industrial market and on mechanical contractors and specifying engineers. Commercial products are stocked by independent manufacturer representative agencies or provided direct to the worksite by Taco. Some manufacturer representative agencies also assemble Taco products in pre-fabricated pump systems sold directly to customers.

Commercial products include a range of heavy pumps, valves and accessories, air separators and expansion tanks, heat exchangers and specialty products like LoadMatch; circulators and Twin Tees. Building applications include heating and cooling systems within a wide range of larger structures - office buildings, factories, churches, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels and more.

Both divisions play a vital role in two-way communication between Taco and its various customers, eliciting new product needs from the field and overseeing development of new and innovative products and marketing initiatives.

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