Zone controls

We've enhanced our complete line of zone controls with the features and styling you've been asking for. Whether you're looking for switching relays, zone valve controls, priority zoning circulators, or fan controls, Taco has everything you need. Together with Taco zone valves, thermostats, the "00" family of circulators, and a host of add-on controls, we offer the highest quality and broadest selection of zoning products.

How To Videos:

How to Wire Circulators to Taco Zone Valve Controls    

Learn three wiring configurations for heating and domestic hot water set-ups.

Zone Valves or Circulators? The Ultimate Debate    

Which is better- Zone Valves or Circulators? They both work really well, but we will review how to choose one over the other based on your needs. We will also discuss what the differences are between them.