Taco SmartStarters featuring Motor Protection

Revolutionary Control

Taco introduces a new standard in across-the-line control and protection for HVAC pump and fan applications. These are no ordinary panels: Our automation ready smart starters are all inclusive packages. They require no external components, saving you time on installation and increasing system reliability. Features vary between models but all include underload protection and inputs/outputs. Some include more advanced features such as power metering, BACnet communications, Smartstart™ revolutionary motor protection, soft starting capabilities, alternating motor control, and more. From ease of installation to advanced communications, our new smart starters are designed to help you do your best work.

What is SmartStart?

Smart: Smartstart patented technology predicts a safe operating range for your motor based on the measured inrush current

Aware: Smartstart detects if your starter needs to be calibrated, protecting you from operators trying to overcome motor jams or problems by cranking up the overload. With Smartstart enabled, if the starter isn't in range, it alarms and trips notifying you before damage occurs.

Watchful: Smartstart detects harmful extended starting conditions with maximum time to start. It monitors motor inrush current conditions and trips if the motor doesn't start within 10 seconds regardless of FLA setting.

Active: Active current monitoring provides superior protection against locked rotor and stall conditions, tripping faster than a standard inverse trip curve, regardless of the FLA setting.


TSS – Taco Standard Starter with Smartstart

The TSS comes standard with underload protection, an enhanced class 10 electronic overload to handle a wide range of applications, and an input that accepts 200-600 Volts - a true plug and play install.

TAS – Taco Advanced Starter with Smartstart
Power metering, BACnet Communications, underload (dry run) detection and many other features are brought together by an intuitive interface on the Taco Advanced Starter. The TAS is the perfect solution to protect and control your pump when integration to an automation system is necessary.

TRV – Taco Reduced Voltage Advanced Starter
The TRV is an advanced soft-starter that is loaded with protection and automation features such as underload detection, power metering & MODbus communications. The TRV offers the benefit of reduced voltage starting. Reducing the inrush current increases energy savings and extends the life of your pump motor.

TDX – Taco Duplex Starter
The TDX extends the life of your pumps by alternating control. It comes standard with underload protection, a class S electronic overload to handle a wide range of applications, and an input that accepts 200-600 Volts.

Smartstart® is a registered trademark of Franklin Control Systems Inc.