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About Taco
Taco is a
family-owned American manufacturer of hydronic systems
and components. Beyond the factory, we are the industry leader in training, online learning,
tech support, and engineering innovation. Our goal is to be the easiest company to do business with. Our commitment is to help you succeed in every way we can. Let us prove it to you.

Welcome to a new level of productivity with Project Builder

Project Builder is a powerful new web-based app that:

  • Saves time, eliminates paperwork, increases accuracy
  • Helps you quickly select the right products, gathering related project schedule files automatically
  • Allows you to save each job as a project which you can re-visit, modify, or archive at any time
  • Saves and outputs all files in convenient formats
  • Enables sharing and collaboration with colleagues

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You can try Project Builder any time, as many times as you want. In order to save your files, however, we ask that you create a user profile. It only takes a minute and requires minimal information.

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Why Register?

Registration is NOT mandatory. However, we will not be able to save your projects to the Cloud without a a way to identify you. We urge you to register - it only takes a minute - so you can take full advantage of Project Builder and all of the value-addeds that Taco provides free of charge.

We respect your right to privacy. Your information and projects will remain confidential and will not be used for sales follow-up or shared with anyone else.

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Basis of Design

Taco wants to be your Basis of Design. It's why we invest millions in people and technology to help assure your project's success. Our green building LOFlo and LoadMatch® systems, Taco University, and total engineering field support are all in place to make your job easier. Do your best work; choose Taco, a family-owned, American manufacturer.
The Project Builder Resource Page
The Taco Project Builder's mission is to dramatically increase your productivity and accuracy. It is the result of years of collaboration between Taco's finest engineers, sales reps, product managers, and the engineering community at large. We invite you to participate in Project Builder's growth and refinement. To that end, we have opened a Forum to share your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions with Taco and other like-minded engineering participants.

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Project Builder at a Glance
• Create and save projects on line
• Select products
• Aggregate all relevant schedule files
• Download in one handy package
• Fast coordination with electrical and
• Create accurate, conservative budgets
• Make changes quickly and easily
• Always accessible, always up to date
Basis of Design
Taco wants to be your basis of design.
We put more into online and field sup-
port, training, software and apps than
any other company in our industry. On
top of that we have the proven high
efficiency systems and components that
turn a good project into a great one.
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Get up and running in just 15 minutes! If you want to skip the How-To, click on any of the Project Builder icons on this page. IMPORTANT: While registration is not mandatory, we encourage you to do so. We cannot store your projects without some basic information.
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In the coming months, we will be adding more functionality and features to Project Builder. Join the scores of engineers who want to help make this the most useful app in the industry.

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