+TSL Benefits

• Optimize your energy efficiency

• No Programming Required

• Choose ΔP (1-3 zones) or ΔT
(1 zone alternations and lead lag)

• Reduces hardware costs

• No additional controllers needed

• Fault Tolerant Control

Green Solutions from the HVAC system experts!

Taco wrote the book on LEED hydronic technology with its LoadMatch® single pipe systems and its LOFlo® radiant chilled beam systems. Now, these new intelligent variable speed drives bring even more efficiency and performance to the table!

A Smart Choice.
What better place to buy pump controls than from the people who make the pumps? Whether you're working on a Delta-P system or a Delta-T LoadMatch system, adding and setting up a SmartDrive+TSL is easy. There's no need for additional controllers, so you'll save on hardware as well. Perfect for secondary distribution pumps and constant speed primary pumps, our smart drives can set up the balancing for chillers and boilers, and even modulate secondary pumps and track system flow.

What does TSL do?
Taco System Logic controls the variable speed drive to optimize pump performance. Setpoints and controls are programmed at our factory to allow our pumps to run at much lower pressures than most industry professionals would consider. In addition, Taco Fault Tolerant Control maintains control even when the feedback signal wire is

compromised. Pumping at much lower speeds will consume substantially less energy and require less maintenance, so along with peace of mind, you get superior efficiency, responsive comfort, and reduced life cycle costs all in one neat package. Add the SmartDrive +TSL option when you choose your next Taco pump.

This symbol tells you that a +TSL upgrade is available for this unit.

Basic Drive Solution

Even without TSL, the economical Basic Drive solution ties Taco's powerful electronics to its rugged, dependable pumps for flawless performance.


HVAC Drive Solution

Ideal for controlling domestic water boosters or running HVAC applications using Delta P or Delta T, the SmartDRIVE HVAC can handle any job thanks to its outstanding features.


Side Panel
Bypass Solution

Taco's premium design standards extend to our SmartDRIVE SP, where customization is the name of the game. Multiple enclosure ratings, bypass control styles, and physical arrangements give you all the choices you need for a trouble-free, highly flexible and efficient solution.


Vertical Panel
Bypass Solution

The SmartDrive VP
delivers a generous array
of features. The new Vertical Bypass configuration further insures that you can have your drive panel your way. The SmartDrive VP features maximum geometric flexibility to meet your strict installation constraints.