A Sustainable Present for a Sustainable Future
Sustainability: "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Commitment to a sustainable future for our employees and community, our customers and industry partners, our company and the Earth is the cornerstone of how we do business and why.

Taco Operations & Practices

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fundamental fabric of our company. It is a core value for Taco President & CEO John Hazen White, Jr., the entire management team and all Taco employees. MORE>

Taco Innovation and Development Center

The largest expansion in Taco history, the 24,000 square foot addition to the company's headquarters, is a LEED project that sets a new benchmark for LEED Hydronic engineering. The IDC contains multiple classrooms, labs and meeting rooms as well as new office areas and a library. The building was designed to showcase the latest in energy-saving and sustainable products from Taco and provide "Living Laboratories" of installed and operational products for hand-on demonstrations and teaching purposes. MORE>

The Triple Bottom Line

Every day we make decisions based on the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. We develop superior hydronic solutions that save materials, energy, time and money. We employ sustainable practices in our offices, factory and distribution centers by using energy- and resource-efficient methods and materials. We help make our community sustainable through the environment we create for our employees and in our charitable and civic involvement in our community. A concern for sustainability is nothing new at Taco. It has always been our goal to give back to the industry, our employees, the community and the Earth, more than we take.

Sustainable Business, Sustainable Living

Long before sustainability entered the American dialogue, Taco acknowledged its responsibilities to its customers, employees and community. As the world became smaller, those responsibilities grew exponentially and Taco has broadened and deepened its commitment to products and business practices that help ensure a prosperous present and a better tomorrow.

John Hazen White Jr:

"Taco Green"
"Great American Workforce"

"Quality Assurance"
Taco's Commitment to Sustainability

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